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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session for Classes 3-8 on 06-03-2021

“Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents”

The Parent –Teacher interactive session of classes 3-8 was held on Saturday, March 9, 2021 between 8.30 am to 12.00 noon at the school campus. Parents and teachers were contended to meet each other personally after 10 months.

The main points discussed were:

* Parents were assured that there are sincere efforts taken by the school and teachers in providing quality education to the children and thereby looking forward to the betterment of the child.

* Parents were informed about the final exams and the summer vacation.

*Queries of the parents regarding the payment of fees were duly answered.

* Parents were advised to motivate the child to practice writing, since most of the learning is done using online tools.

* The teachers of Class 5 gave a small positive remarks card to boost each student’s self-confidence.

Overall, Parents were very supportive and were all in praises for the Management, Principal and teachers’ endeavours in bringing about the interaction, interest and enthusiasm in their children during the virtual classes. They also appreciated the opportunities of the various activities and competitions that their ward gets to participate in, even during these times.

The credit for all the appreciation goes to our respected Principal Rev, Fr Robert D’Souza who has been a continuous motivating and guiding force for all of us. We are sincerely thankful for his constant support.