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“Poetry is the rhythmic creation of beauty in words. If these beautiful words are presented with action, expression, feeling and rhythm, it will create magic.”

 Lourdes Central School witnessed such a magic on 25th June 2022 in the School Rooftop auditorium when the students of fantastic first standards, spontaneous second standards, thoughtful third standards, fabulous fourth standards and famous fifth standards recited the poems on nature, animals, health, Uttarakhand and monsoon respectively.

Students of class 4 welcomed the Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and students through acrostic poems followed by the poetry recitation from classes 1 to 5. Colourful attires, attractive props and meaningful badges were feast to the eyes. This poetry recitation boosted students’ confidence, developed oratory skills and self expression. They also gained the knowledge about phonetic awareness.

On behalf of Principal and Vice Principal Ms. Shanthi Menezes, lead teacher of class 4 congratulated the students and teachers for their vibrant performances, hard work and good discipline. Class III students concluded the programme with the vote of thanks. Class 5 students compeered the programme.