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Reopening of school for classes IX and XI

The students of classes IX and XI of the academic year 2020 – 2021 were welcomed to schoolon the re- opening day 27th January 2021,following the Covid – 19 protocols.

The MC for the day Ms Vidya Joseph began with a universal prayer followed by a prayer song.

The Vice Principal, Ms BelitaMascarenhas extended a warm and affectionate welcome to the gatheringand motivated the students with positivity.

Ms Gowri Ravi enlightened the students with the thought– Hope is a powerful force and the most important factor to overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Ms Deepa Dsouza delivered the message of optimism, a note on positivity that causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. Positive thinking and spreading positively can inspire others.

The Manager, Rev Dr John Baptist Saldanha was indeed happy to see the students in school in large number and appreciated them, their parents and the entire staff of LCS for their sincere efforts and asked them to continue their life with positivity. He motivated the students to be disciplined and to be an integrated person. He also appreciated the Principal, Rev Fr Robert Dsouza for his hard efforts in the development of the school. The programme concluded with the words of gratitude by Ms Harshita Shetty.

Ms Anita Thomas briefed the students about the rules and regulations, the guidelines of Covid -19 to be followed in the school campus.

Finally, the class teachers of classes IX and XI accompanied the students to their respective classrooms.