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Retirement farewell function2024

The retirement farewell function for Mrs Roshni Jose, Mrs Lavina Castelino and Mr Chandrahas Devadiga was held on 12th April, 2024 in the school auditorium. The event was organized to honour their many years of dedicated service and to wish them well in their future endeavors.

The programme was graced by the Manager, Rev. Dr. Manager John Baptist Saldanha, the  Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza, Vice -Principals Mrs Belita Mascharenhas and Mrs Anita Thomas.

The progrmme began with a prayer song followed by a warm welcome address by the Vice-Principal  Mrs Belita Mascarenhas.

Colleagues  shared heartfelt speeches, reminiscing about memorable moments and expressing gratitude for their invaluable  service to the institution.

Mrs Sreelatha in her address mentioned Mrs Roshini Jose  as a talented and dedicated teacher. Her passion for mathematics and valuable ethics made her a great teacher. 

Mrs Noeleen Pais in her speech expressed Mrs Lavina Catelino as a pillar of strength and inspiration to all. Her unconditional love and support to all will be cherished for years to come.

Mrs Vivita D’Souza expressed her gratitude to Mr Chandrahas . In his eleven years of service Mr Chandrahas remained dutiful. His smile in the morning brought cheer to everyone.

Retirees were felicitated by Father Manager, Principal and the Vice Principals symbolizing appreciation for  their  service.

The Principal in his address thanked Mrs Roshini Jose for her highly dedicated service and called her walking encyclopedia; Mrs Lavina Castelino as ever charming women and  Mr Chandrahas as the face of the school who welcomes everyone at the entrance .

Father Manager in his address thanked  Mr Chandrahas for his dedicated service and appreciated the way of recognizing people with a smile as his identity;  Mrs Lavina Catelino for inheriting the depth of family values and  Mrs Roshini Jose as the woman of simplicity and down to earth.

Mrs Roshni Jose and Mrs Lavina Catelino expressed their words of gratitude. They remembered the Founder, Late Rev Fr Bernard L. Dsouza, the Managers and the Principals of Lourdes Central School for their constant support.

The solemn function concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Ms Saira Pinto.

The retirement farewell function was a heartfelt and memorable event, celebrating a remarkable career of the retirees and the impact they had on Lourdes Central School. We wish them a joyful retirement filled with happiness and new adventures.

Special thanks to Mrs Sharmila Colaco for conducting and executing this wonderful event.