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On 12 November, 2018, a talk for the students of class IX was organised on the topic “Safe Water – A Global Mission”.

The speaker, Dr. Ethel Suman, Associate Professor from the department of Microbiology at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, spoke about safe drinking water being a global issue. She first introduced to the audience the concept of Potable water, which is safe drinking water, which becomes contaminated because of chemicals like lead, small amounts of mercury, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, cyanide, nickel, nitrates from fertilizers, and carcinogenic materials from pesticides. These chemicals cause water-borne diseases like cholera, enteric fevers like typhoid and paratyphoid, dysentery, hepatitis A & E, and newer protozoal parasitic infection.

She spoke about the sampling methods for bacteriological testing in water from bore wells, watercourses like rivers and lakes, tanks, and dug wells. This was followed by a discussion on the precautions to be taken while testing, like the importance of usage of glass bottles, fitting stoppers, and sterilization of both bottles and stoppers.

She communicated other important concepts like Escherichia Coli which is the organism responsible for contamination of water, usage of chlorine to disinfect water, and usage of Reverse Osmosis water for dialysis. At the conclusion of the session, a PPT made by Azhan and Leon of class IX on harmful effects of drinking water in third world countries was shown.

The program was convened by Ms Gowri Ravi, with ISA coordinators Ms Harshitha and Mr Henry.