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WorkShop on – Classroom Management

On 27 May 2017 an important session was organised for teaching staff on Classroom Management. Ms. Lolita Mascarenhas, LCS staff was the resource person for this session. She introduced the topic with the visual aid and aroused curiosity among teachers by raising questions about the visual.
She spoke about the importance of classroom management , how to solve all behavioural problems and issues of discipline. She also emphasized on proper planning for an effective classroom management. Creating a good rapport with students would also help by interacting well and creating a conducive environment. Responsibilities of the teachers was also stressed,that is, to be fair and impartial, to correct students when doing something wrong and maintaining a record of their behaviour duly signed by the students. She also asserted that communicating with parents is another key factor in effective classroom management. Teachers need to maintain good relation with other teachers and discuss the behavioural problems of students and take the suggestions and solve them. Teachers could improve by observing other experienced teachers and enhance their skills on classroom management.
The topic for the second session was Parents Perspective of Education. Ms Francisca Mendes our own LCS staff was the Resource Person. She introduced the session by saying that parents are the backbone of Educational Institution and we as teachers need to come up to their expectations. We need to listen attentively and patiently first, to communicate gently and cordially with parents to speak positively about their wards and give suggestions for improvement. She stressed on safety , security of their child as their priority. They expect the teachers not to disclose any problems of their personal matters. Teachers need to motivate their students to face challenges in life. They should never lag behind in learning new concepts but reflect on things done and improve on it.
Fr Principal extended a platform for discussion. He stated that a teacher needs purpose, passion and proper planning for executing a conducive classroom management. He also instructed teachers that knowledge gained through this staff enrichment programme must be implemented in the teaching learning process.
Sr. Lidwin Sequeira the newly appointed LCS counsellor who has 35 years of rich experience in teaching and counselling, began the session giving tips on beginning the day with a short prayer. She spoke about the Role of a Teacher as being a greatest counsellor using counselling skills. She shared her personal experiences of handling many behavioural problems of the students. She spoke about teachers possessing virtues of humility to accept corrections given by others. She drew the attention to the fact that teachers should be counsellors and not show any sort of favouritism and most importantly teachers should speak good about other teachers and about the counsellor and create a happy environment in school. She also gave a few practical tips on class room discipline. Studious students should be given challenging work. Hyper active student should be given extra work. The class lessons should be well prepared and interesting. All the student should be involved in class work. Teachers must be concerned only about her class students and not interfere with other class students. Discourage the students from giving gifts. Subject teachers must coordinate with class teacher.
All in all it was truly enhancing, inspiring and stimulating experience for all the Teachers.