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DAY – 01

Preparation for Reopening School for Class X and XII

Date: 28 December 2020

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Venue: AV Room

Agenda for the day:

  • Principals address
  • SOP guidelines presentation by lead teachers of class IX,X ,XI and XII
  • Presentation by Health committee
  • Break
  • Presentation by teachers who attended the seminar on ‘: ‘Building Competencies in Challenging Times’ by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex.
  • Discussion moderated by Vice Principal
  • Acknowledging and appreciating the staff

The session began with a prayer and Principal’s address he motivated the staff to contribute their ideas and inputs in formulating the rules and guidelines for reopening schools and to give innovative of practical ideas that could be useful in facilitating the entire mission of bringing back students to school.

He then invited the lead teachers Ms Vidhya, Ms Deepa and Ms Sreelatha to present the SOPs planned for their respective classes. The teachers keeping in mind the guidelines given by the MHRD and the state government put forth their points for guidelines and presented a planned procedure for reopening school.

The teachers in charge of the health committee Ms Shaila and Ms Anita Thomas presented before the teachers the SOPs in parity with the MHRD and state government and also gave a vivid route map to be followed by students and teachers on all days during the sessions at school.

After a short break the session resumed with the presentation by Ms Lavina Serrao and Ms. Lavina Castelino on the topic ‘Building Competencies in Challenging Times’. They shared their experience and few effective lessons learnt from the session they had attended with Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex.

The Vice Principal then moderated the discussion on SOPs and safety norms or protocols that the school should adopt for the safety of the staff and students and also for the smooth transactions of lessons or remedials for the students of classes X and XII.

The session ended with a few words of appreciation from the Principal for all the staff who had actively taken part in the day’s session.

DAY -2


A seminar on Inter Disciplinary Activity was held on 30th December 2020.  The Seminar began at 8.30a.m. with a Prayer Song. Welcome and Introduction of the Resource Person was delivered by Ms Harshitha Shetty. The Session was inaugurated by Manager, Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, Manager LCS, Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza, the Principal, Mrs Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal, and the Resource Person Mrs Usha Varadrajan with the lighting of the lamp.

The Manager Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha addressed the teachers and said that 2021 is a year of challenges for families, faculty members and the main focus is on the community of students. Teachers should come up with creative ways of imparting knowledge, have an open mind attitude, cope with the educational developments and promote a civilization of love in the world. He wished the teachers Seasons Greetings and a prosperous New Year.

The Resource Person Mrs Usha Vardhrajan began the session highlighting on learning by doing, and constructive and multidisciplinary theory. She said that learning is an active and engaging process with 5 E’s – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. She stressed on five features of good performance assessment i.e. clear targets, focused purpose, proper method, sound sampling and accurate assessment. The ladder of excellence was stated which consisted of knowledge, innovation, admiration, creation, communication, change and to excel. Team teaching should be taken as strength. The role of a teacher may change but the teacher is the center and cannot be redundant.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Anitha Moras. The Seminar was compered by Ms Annie Lobo, the School Counsellor. The teacher gained immense knowledge on the latest prescribed syllabus of NEP along with interconnectedness of subject through Inter disciplinary activities.