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“Well begun is half done” says Aristotle. The new academic year 2019-20 was begun at Lourdes Central School on 25 May 2019 with a series of Staff Enrichment programmes which went on till 30th May 2019. We had sessions on different topics by various resource persons.

DAY  1: –   The first session of the day commenced at 8:30 a.m on 25th May 2019 in the A.V room with a prayer song and   an introductory  note by the Principal  Rev Fr Robert D’Souza. Mr Harsha M., manager of pupil pod Bangalore, addressed the staff members on the new features introduced in Pupil pod and the benefits of using them.

The second session of the day was a detailed explanation of rules and regulations printed in the school diary by Ms Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal. She emphasized on the issue of bullying and ragging and advised the staff about handling techniques of these issues. She stressed on the need to stop students from giving birthday bumps which is also a kind of bullying. Few staff members shared their views on the above issue. Fr principal opined that the staff members must cooperate with the management to maintain discipline and sanctity of the school so that the above issues can be handled diligently. The entire school calendar was discussed in detail. All the staff members felt that the first day of orientation was fruitful one.

DAY  2: –  “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” -Jim Rohn.  On May 27th, 2019 the teaching staff assembled in A V room at 9:00 am for the session ‘DISCIPLINE’ and overall conduct of the school.

The session started with the opening prayer by Mr. Henry and Mr. Roshan.

The Principal, Rev Fr Robert D Souza addressed the staff and stated the importance of school diary.  Ms Anita Thomas briefed the Staff on the rules and regulations of the school which has to be strictly followed.

“Unity is strength –When there is team work and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”- Mattie Stepanek . The second session of the day was ‘Programme Planning’ was conducted by Ms Vidhya Joseph. She gave a detailed explanation on the topic and stressed on team work.  She explained the four phases of programme planning. She also spoke about the duties of a class teacher and how to maintain the different class records.

The third session was subject coordinator meeting where the teachers got together department wise at different venues. Teachers with the coordinators discussed the syllabus for the year and the different charts to be displayed in the classroom

DAY  3: –    An enriching session for the staff members of LCS was held on May 28, 2019 in the A V Room from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.. The topic for the day was the “Moral and ethical values in teachers”.

Ms Rajina Dinesh and Mr Kumble Narasimha  Prabhu  were  the dynamic  resource persons for the day.

Ms Rajina Dinesh  an experienced lecturer, Master of Ceremonies and Soft Skills Trainer touched  upon moral, ethical  and educational values. She stressed on Role of Teachers in and outside the Classroom and explained in detail the rules to be followed by the teachers. As teachers are Role models for the students,  she asked the teachers to be cautious and alert all the time.

Mr Kumble Narasimha Prabhu, B.E. who is the CEO of Kumble Ace Events & HR Solutions stressed upon ethics and values in life and also spoke about Investments and savings. He also told us to follow ethics and values along with  healthy diet to lead a happy and peaceful life.  He stressed that the teachers must  encourage the students to become entrepreneur He said that the savings should be done to invest on Land, Shares and Mutual Funds. He concluded with the advice to save before spending the money.

The session was wound up with vote of thanks by Ms Sharmila and Ms Preethi.

  DAY  4:   A seminar on classroom management, ethics in teaching and goal setting was conducted on 29th of May 2019 by Mr Sameer Kotwal.

The resource person briefed the staff on visual, vocal, verbal cues, colour impact in life, magic of body language, personal development and soft skills, facial expression, personal space etc. He also highlighted the need to be using the technology, opportunities given in the right way and with confidence in order to be successful in life. He urged the teachers to be proud of their profession which creates an image in the minds of the hands entrusted to us.

The seminar concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms Dilla Colaco. The entire seminar was  compered  by  Mr Shaila Pereira   who along  with

Mr Ratnakar was in charge of the session.


DAY  5:-    ‘Capacity Building Programme on Value Education’ by the CBSE, with Mrs.Manila Carvalho, Principal of DPS, Bengaluru East was held on 30.05.2019 at Lourdes Central School , Mangaluru from 9am to 5pm.

The programme started with a prayer song. Ms.Gretta Menezes welcomed the gathering and introduced the resource person. Rev.Fr.Robert D’Souza, Principal of Lourdes Central school, Ms.Belita Mascarenhas, Vice Principal of Lourdes Central School and the resource person Mrs. Manila Carvalho inaugurated the workshop by lighting the lamp. Rev.Fr.Robert D’souza gave an introductory note and wished the participants a fruitful session.

In the opening note, the resource person stressed on the Do’s and Don’ts for the teachers, as students learn from the examples set by the teachers. She insisted on talking to the students when they face any issues, and guide them in a proper way, as values are like the milestones which show the right direction in life.

A group activity was conducted where the participants had to select a behavioural problem observed in the class and think of innovative strategies to rectify it. Teachers participated actively in the discussion and presented the findings with the help of chart.

Later, the resource person focused on integrating values into the curriculum. She clearly stated that values should not be taught as a specific subject, but it should be drilled daily in the everyday teaching. In the second activity Mrs.Carvalho demonstrated a few examples of integrating values into curriculum. Participants were again divided into groups based on the subjects taught. Each group presented a topic of their respective subjects and simultaneously taught values for life through the topics chosen.

Post lunch, the resource person explained about five different levels at which we can influence others to inculcate the values. Various videos were shown which gave an idea to the audience about influencing people at personal level, inter-personal level, community level, national level and global level. In the next activity each group enacted a role play to show how we can impart values at different levels. After the tea break the resource person showed the glimpses of CBSE’s value education manual and also said that every school library must have ‘value cards’

The resource person gave a detailed explanation of the ‘Whole school approach’  with a number of examples through which value education can be woven into the entire academic calendar. In the end, Mrs.Manila Carvalho insisted that the teachers should imbibe the values, as it has a great impact on the society and the future of the nation. Worksheets were distributed for every session.

Certificates were distributed to the participants. Ms.Deepa D’souza compered the programme and Ms.Lavina Serrao delivered the vote of thanks.

Overall, the programme was very informative and interesting and it was a great  learning experience for all the teachers. We felt better equipped to manage  after completing the session. We are glad and grateful to the management for organising such a fruitful  enrichment programme.

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