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Stress Management-Class – 12

Stress Management-Class – 12

To make online teaching and learning stress free and relax a session on “Stress Management” was conducted for the students of class 12 by Mr.Sanjeeth Rodrigues on 23 July 2020. The session started with Mrs.Sreelatha welcoming the gathering. Mr.Sanjeeth spoke about stress, the different types of stress, its effect on the body and how to manage stress.

Around these thoughts the session began with different exercises that can be done to relive stress which helped the students relax and focus on the session.

Following are the tips given by Mr.Sanjeeth to manage stress:
• Planning your day and what you want to accomplish
• during the day.
• Taking help from fellow peers.
• Talking to counselors.
• Being close to nature.
• Going for a walk.
• Get at least 7 hours of sleep.

He also spoke how most reasons for diseases are psychological and are related to stress. Moreover all heart diseases are caused due to stress.

All of the above tips given in the session seem very useful and efficient to reduce stress. At the end of the session the doubts and queries of the students were resolved and the session concluded by a vote of thanks given by Kamya of class 12A.

The session gave the students an opportunity to learn how to manage stress in their daily lives.