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LCS Summer Amusement for KG Children

The amazing thing about summer holidays for the children, teachers and parents is to do away with the atmosphere of rote learning and engross oneself with creative activities which bring out the little child in all of us. Lourdes Central School organized such one lovely “Summer Amusement Activity club” for the little ones of Kindergarten.  The main purpose of this club was to rejuvenate the children with remedial classesfor the time lost during the pandemic which the children needed the most. Along with the remedial classes various activities like yoga, meditation, dance, singing, coloring, craft work, storytelling were conducted.

The club helped to bring out the best in every child. It helped the children build confidence and strength in their academic which brought out their sparkling imagination.

Various games like musical chair, passing the ball, zigzag race, basketball throw, four corners, and tug of war was conducted which the children truly enjoyed.Colorful drawings and craft activities with paper folding like cone ice cream, dog and cat were done.  Stories like Red Riding Hood, Two Cats and the Monkey were narrated. The visual effect is more loved and effective then the audio, so these stories were enacted by the children. Extempore activities like myself, pick and speak was conducted. Time passed joyfully at the Summer Amusement Club for the kindergarten children at Lourdes Central School. It made the children so happy that they did not want the Summer Amusement Activity Club to come to an end.

On the last day of the Summer Amusement Club, Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza spoke to the little ones and asked a few questions like what they learned? And what they will be carrying back with them from this club. The children rightly replied to all his queries. He thanked the children for attending the activity club and also appreciated the teachers for their innovative and creative ideas which were useful for the children. He wished all the children happy and safe holidays and advised the little ones to keep reading books to improve their vocabulary and communication skills. The children were given chocolates and they went home with smiling faces.

The little stars of kindergarten were a good company for the teachers and thus we can say “Summer Amusement Club” is all about growth and building confidence in a child which is brought out in Lourdes Central School.