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Talk On Growth and Development

Talk On Growth and Development

“Good relations are like needles of a clock, they only meet for sometime but always stay connected”

Brother Ashwin D’silva was one such person who was, is and will remain connected to Lourdes Central School.

Brother Ashwin delivered a lively, fun filled talk on GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT for the Boys of Class 4 and 5, on 3rd of Jan 2020.

 A short film on the growth of a plant from a bean to a fully fledged plant was apt for the students to understand what is growing.

Through the memory game brother enlightened the minds of the growing boys to cultivate their talents and participate in all activities that come their way. An interesting PPT presentation on emotional development taught the boys to be positive, develop a caring environment, praise and encourage one self and others and have good role models in their life. Boys were very attentive when brother explained them about the good and bad touch through a short activity.


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