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Vicennial Annual Day Celebration 2018

Lourdes Central School celebrated the glorious and most successfully accomplished Vicennial Year Annual Day on Friday, November 30, 2018 in Bejai Church Hall, Mangalore, with varieties of events from each class on the theme “WE HAVE A DREAM”. The programme commenced with a semi classical dance followed by a prayer song.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Martis, Rector, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore, was the Chief Guest while  Rev. Fr. Wilson L. Vitus D’ Souza, Manager Lourdes Central School presided over the function. The other dignitaries who graced the occasion were PTEC Vice President Ms. Veena Amrit, Vice President and Secretary of Bejai Parish Pastoral Parishad Mr. Stany Vaz and Members of the Management Committee.

Principal, Rev. Fr. Robert D’ Souza introduced the Chief Guest and extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries and the gathering.

The Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Joseph Martis, Rector, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore in his address at the outset saluted all the children and parents for their sacrifice. He also appreciated all the teaching and non-teaching staff and all the participants for their uniqueness, courage, hard work and commitment.

He communicated his message through the story of ‘a fisherman and a bird’ in which the bird offered its feathers for fish until it lost all of them leading it be unable to move from its nest. Somewhat similar state may happen in the life parents and children. Children have a lot of dreams but parents provide easy paths or short cuts by doing everything for them. By doing so, subsequently they remove the feathers from the lives their children making them unable to fly. He also said that we must learn good things from the foreign country such as parents should teach their children basic etiquette, basic responsibility in civil life and everything that school demands. Children need to be educated not just literate.

Manager of our school Rev. Fr. Wilson L. Vitus D’Souza, in his Presidential address congratulated the students for their achievements, good schooling and their value based education.  Education is not only for livelihood, it is for life. Quoting our former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam he said, ‘Good schooling, value based education, reflect on the world, inculcates excellent values which are instrumental in creating a society filled with peace and harmony and brotherhood’. He also presented a few tips to become excellent citizens. They are: dare to dream,  define what you stand for, never lose curiosity, strive for excellence, build confidence, learn to work, take care of yourself, work hard and persevere, have social concern and be humble.

Fr. Robert D’ Souza, Principal  presented the School Annual Report 2018-19.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” says Eleanor Roosevelt. Dreams are essential for it plays a vital role in shaping one’s future. It is only when one dreams big with whole heart, will be able to achieve big. It is to be remembered that in order to attain one’s dreams one must believe in them and have complete faith in oneself. He also expressed that it is disheartening to know that so called educated people are becoming monsters in the society, involved in corruptions, violence and communalism. He presented a few tips to become great personalities and good citizens of tomorrow. They are: dare to dream and strive to achieve it, strive for excellence, build self confidence, learn to work in teams, take care of yourself in all aspects, work hard and persevere, have social concern and be humble and positive.

The exuberant students of the school presented an array of cultural programmes showcasing their dreams and aspiration and the ways and means to achieve it. Students indeed inspired every audience to dream differently.

Students of class 6, who are still very close to their mothers, presented ‘A Mother’s Dream’ with glittering dance and music wherein they displayed that every mother has a dream that her child will be the best, excelling in all fields. The amalgam of parent’s dream and dreams of a child was showcased by the students of class 7 in the form of a dance drama. Students of class 8 exhibited the dreams and aspirations of blind teenagers in the form of musical drama. They manifested that everyone even the underprivileged has dreams and it is our responsibility to make their dreams realized. Students of class 9 presented enticing performance in Hindi ‘Himmat-E- Hindustan’ a musical play portraying the ‘never give up’ attitude of Indians despite their trials and tribulations. ‘The Dream of an Orphan’ was enacted by the students of class 10, inspiring everyone to be generous in providing opportunities than charity which will enable them to attain their dreams. The students of class 11 beautifully depicted the aims and aspirations of a teenage girl by illuminating her hopes to rise, advance and achieve her dreams through empowerment. Breaking stereotype in our society is very essential to create a healthy society. The young and creative students of class 12 portrayed the transitions in the life of students and fulfillment of their dreams through the dance drama- ‘Log kya kahenge’. The Vicennial Year Annual Day Programme of our school has indeed immensely enriched and inspired everyone to dream substantially and enable others to achieve their dreams especially the less privileged with great happiness and commitment. Ms. Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal rendered the vote of thanks.

 The programme was beautifully compered by Marc Rego, William D’Souza, Joshal D’Souza, Diya Mascarenhas, Sonali Umanath, Prerana Ballal, Carol Monterio and Agnes Martis.

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