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A Visit to Terrace Garden

A  Visit to Terrace Garden

To study and understand what is terrace garden and its need and utilisation, the students of Eco Club were taken to a field trip to Bharat School, Ullal on 11th January 2020. The terrace garden had many varities of vegetables including brinjal, cucumber, ash gourd, bottle gourd, spinach, chillies, tomatoes, string beans, gherkins, ladyfinger etc.Students of the Eco Club did not have much knowledge on growing vegetables but after the visit to terrace garden they have developed a great interest to grow vegetables.Mr Vijay Kunder,an agriculturist  and Mr Preetham, the Physical Education Teacher who initiated the terrace garden in Bharat School gave us lot of inputs on growing vegetable garden.They also said that the vegetables grown are organic without adding chemical fertilizers. All the vegetables were grown by using old refrigerator boxes (Best out of waste). Students understood that dedication and involvement in gardening are the potentials to keep the soul and mind happy and healthy

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