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A webinar on the NEP 2020 was organized by the Principal Rev Fr Robert Dsouza on 18 August through zoom virtual platform, for the benefit of the teachers. The webinar was conducted by Mr.Praveen Kumar Sayyaparaju, Deputy CEO & Head – Education at Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement.

Rev Dr John Baptist Saldanha, Manager, Lourdes Central School initiated the meeting with a prayer. The Principal Rev Fr Robert Dsouza introduced the resource person Mr. Praveen Kumar and also gave the welcome address.

Mr. Praveen Kumar Sayyaparaju addressed the teachers on the design and directives of the NEP 2020. He gave a vivid illustration with the help of a power point presentation.

The resource person said that the focus of NEP 2020 is to dwell on the very purpose of education that is developing an equitable and just society which will be inclusive and promote natural and sustainable development.

The key factor of the policy is to provide life-learning opportunities for all.

He also rolled out various other facts and changes that NEP 2020 would bring in like-

  • Education must move towards less content and more towards critical thinking, problem solving, creative and multidisciplinary.
  • Education must enable learners to be ethical, rational, compassionate and caring while preparing them for fulfilling employment.
  • Pedagogy must evolve to create experiential learning that should be holistic, learner-centered, enquiry-driven, discovery-oriented and enjoyable
  • Emphasis on re-establishing teachers as the most respected and essential members of the society as they shape the NextGen of citizens
  • Identifying and fostering unique capabilities of each student


The diagramrepresented 4 stages in the Curricular and Pedagogical structure

  1. Foundational stage-( preschool, class 1 and 2)
  2. Preparatory stage- (class 3 to 5)
  3. Middle stage- (class 6 to 8)
  4. Secondary stage- (class 9 to 12)

The intention is to lay emphasis on Early childhood care and education and bring about holistic development of learners.

The resource person also highlighted that the policy has stated the practice of multilingualism and the use of regional language or mother tongue. But it is not binding as the final choice would remain with the parents and students.

He also said that the board exams for class 10 and 12 will continue as before with changes in syllabus and pattern of the question paper. There would be importance given to support gifted students. There will be scholarships for teacher education and Teacher Eligibility Test would be strengthened. To cater to the changes brought about by the policy would demand special educators in schools.

Mr. Praveen Kumar also stressed on the point that under NEP 2020 schools will have to integrate technology to enhance learning. But one should know that technology will not replace the teachers.

The resource person then addressed the queries of the teachers and gave a clear and simplified view of the NEP 2020.

The webinar ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the Vice Principal Ms. Belita Mascarenhas.

Lourdes central School is grateful and sincerely appreciates Mr. Praveen Kumar Sayyaparaju for his knowledgeable session on NEP 2020.