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World Forest Day 2022

“Nature soothes us. Nature heals us, and something more, the woods are a place of power.”

Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh air to the people. They show us how to live, love and grow with each other. Lourdes central school celebrated ‘The International day of Forestson March 21st to raise awareness on the importance of all types of forests and the benefits of forests.

On 21stMarch 2022, the students of class 10 presented the Morning assembly.

The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer followed by a prayer song and intentions that invoked peace and serenity to the minds. An apt thought for the day was given by Megan saying‘what we are doing to the forests of the worldis a mirror’s reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another’. 

Parnika Holla of class 10 briefed about the significance of the day. She explained about the theme “Forest and Sustainable production and consumption” of International Forest day for 2022. She also encouraged the young minds to care and protect this easily renewable resource with a sustainable management of forests.  A beautiful song on trees was sung by the students pleading human beings not to cut them. Nida Rizwan of class 10 administered the Pledge to protect and save forests.

Fr. Anush D’Cunha addressed the gathering during the celebration of International Forest day.Compering was done by Laasya of class 10.