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Morning  assembly was conducted by the students of Eco- club of classV  to celebrate “World Ozone Day” on 16th September 2019. The assembly began with a prayer, followed by a short introduction on the meaning and reason for the celebration of this day by Anumay. Thought for the day “Earth without ozone, is like a house without a roof” was given by Abhiram. The word of the day was read by Manav. The aim and objective of this assembly was to make the students aware about the depletion of ozone layer and its impact on human life. The Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza commended upon the hard work put in by the students. The assembly was compered by Preesha and Diya. Students were enthusiastic and prepared beautiful charts depicting drawing of the ozone layer depletion.  The assembly ended with the singing of school anthem. 

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