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The Bulbul movement trains young girls to become healthy, happy, helpful and disciplined citizens of India. They grow up to have a wonderful time sharing and caring and doing ‘good turns’ everyday and everywhere. The juniors help their seniors in whatever possible way. The Bulbul movement at LCS has completed ten fruitful years and is accomplishing various goals each year. The ‘Bulbul Flock’ is ably run by Flock Leader Flock Leader Ms Belita Mascarenhas. We have 38 Bulbuls and we meet every Tuesday. The flock meetings have various activities which include a lot of games, singing and dancing. Habits like cleanliness, punctuality, helpfulness and kindness are given importance. Each bulbul strives to attain these good values and tries her best to eradicate bad qualities and thus lead a happy life.

The Bulbul club for classes III and IV with the strength of 37 students worked on different activities during this academic year. Activities like Law and Promise pertaining to bulbul, BP6 exercise, storytelling, craft, mono act, team work (cleaning the surrounding), cooking without fire and paper craft.

23 children actively participated and attempted exam to receive the Pravesh Bagde. The children learned to work in teams to help each other, keep the environment clean and work independently. Teacher in charge: Ms Revathi P and Ms Deepika J Fernandes.