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Cubs classes are conducted in Lourdes Central School every Tuesdays to help the children develop their talents, by inspiring them through moral stories, of great leaders and other eminent personalities. Different activities like camps, community services are conducted and thereby help them enhance their growth by imbibing moral values, leadership qualities and loyalty towards the nation.

With the Motto “Do your Best” and the promises “I Promise to do my Best, to do my duty to God and my Country, to keep the cub law and to do a good turn every day”, the meeting took a start every Saturday afternoon for one and a half hour. The in charge teachers Mr Rathnakar and Ms Therese Monteiro, guided the students through prayer song followed by the BP exercises. The ideals of a cub were recaptured and encouraged to imbibe them in their day to day lives.

Following activities were conducted during the academic year 2019 – 2020 by the cubs.

• Jungle story explained through video, cubs learnt it by heart and wrote down it in their log book.

• The meaning of salute explained.

• Surroundings were cleaned on Gandhi Jayanthi Day.

• Moral story videos watched and values discussed in small groups.

• Pravesh test was conducted.

• Cubs learnt to keep themselves clean, neat and had nature walk.

• Safety measures were discussed in small groups and later presented to the whole group.

• Kannada action songs were taught.

• Reef knot was taught and its uses were explained.

• Fun activities were conducted such as memory game, river and the bank, dog and the bone, tiger and the cow etc.

Overall cubs learnt how to behave well in the class, in the house and in the society.