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Heritage Club

The idea of setting up heritage club was to create awareness about the culture and heritage of the nation among the students. The prime objective was to instill the value of preservation.

Various activities were planned for the welfare of the students and for betterment of their knowledge in this field. The activities organized for this academic year included Heritage Quiz, Survey and collection of data on the places of heritage of Mangaluru, Reading and reflecting on historical books, Debate on the recent issues, Collage making on environment related topics, Writing essays on the places they have visited, Inspirational videos, traditional dance forms etc.

A heritage walk was organized to ‘Kadri Rocks’ which enthused the students to learn more. The activity for the year 2019-20 concluded with a traditional ‘Cooking without fire’ competition. The values like discipline, cleanliness and teamwork were learnt through this activity.

The heritage club of the Primary Section involved in activities like chart making on heritage, religious and natural sites of Mangaluru, preparing and presenting their own family tree with their grandparents and great grandparents names and information, watching videos on the local, state heritage sites, screening of the award winning Kannada movie “Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale” etc.


Students also enjoyed playing traditional games with stones and broomstick, making eco friendly creative items with coconut palm leaves, eating traditional food and so on during their heritage club period. The main attraction of the club activity was the visit to Kadri Rocks, a 120 year old house which is now changed to an art gallery with all handmade art crafts and the old rock situated near it.


The activity of the heritage club for this academic year came to an end with the quiz competition and encouragement to visit more historical monuments in Mangaluru, Karnataka and India in summer vacation.