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Numismatics and Philately

The club consisted of 26 members. The students prepared questionnaire and exhibited their knowledge in answering them. The division of the club into groups provided scope for interaction, gaining knowledge from each others’ collection.

Some students exhibited their rare collection of coins and stamps on great personalities, religion, currencies of different countries of the world. The Power Point presentation done by a few members of the group enriched the knowledge and enhanced their leadership skills.

A workshop was organized on 15th February 2020. The resource person Ms Vidhya Kishore Baglodi explained to the students about how to participate in the philately exhibition and how to arrange the stamps systematically. She also spoke about coins and the mint marks on them and that they need to be preserved by categorizing them accordingly as British India coins commemorative and Republic Indian coins. She added that this hobby can help them to gain more knowledge and do well in their studies.