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The theater club aims to help students improve their communicative skill through role- play script – writing and also to improve their skills in speaking and writing to make the student aware of the use of stage and stage craft.


  1. To provide a significant training ground in deviation.
  2. To develop skill in oral language and expression.
  3. Learn stage craft and production.
  4. Learn the channels for creative dramatic work through riginal ideas
  5. To develop the art of script writing and motivate in putting up a good show.
Days of the club activity : Saturday
Timings : 11.45 to 12:45
Venue : Class VII A and roofed terrace
Number of students : 54
Staff in- charge : Deepa J D’souza and Shaila Pereira
Secretary : Mark Lobo
Joint secretary : Manu Kashyap
Club activities organised : Mime, Shakespeare Language,Dumb Cherads, One minute play, Preparation for plays, Script writing, Dialogue writing