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When we think about Bunny movement naturally the question comes to our mind what bunny movement is all about?
Bunny means a rabbit which is very active and notable for its listening power. It likes to eat carrots ,that is why bunny apron is having the symbol of “Rabbit with a carrot”. The main motto of bunnies is “Keep Smiling”. The law of Bunny is “I shall try to be good boy/girl”. The main purpose of bunnies is to help the child to learn together, create in love for God, learn to be creative in their activities and also to develop Love for nature. The teacher who is handling the Bunnies is called “A Bunny Aunt”. So keeping all these objectives in mind Lourdes Central School started Bunny movement on 29th July 2010 for Kindergarten Section to train our children to be good listeners and also to be good citizens in their future life. All 93 children of KG2 were enrolled in the bunny movement. Rev Dr Victor Machado Manager LCS,Principal Ms Grace Noronha along with Scouts teacher Mr Ratnakar Acharya and Ms Parvathy bhandary witnessed the programme. All the 92 students were given bunny apron with a salute. This programme concluded with National Anthem.