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“Colours are the smiles of nature.”

Lourdes Central School Kindergarten celebrated its colours day on 23.06.2017.  The main objective of the celebration is to teach the children about the colours which we see  in our day today life.

During the month primary and secondary  colours were introduced, since then many activities on colours,such as cloth dabbing, finger printing, sponge dabbing, colouring etc. were done in thier activity book. Rhymes and songs on colours were taught to children. On the day of the finale teachers along with the students decorated their respective classes with colourful balloons, charts, and other decorative items.

The day began with an assembly . All children were dressed up in their colourful attire. Children sang songs and recited some rhymes on colours. Principal Rev. Fr. Robert D’souza visited  all the classes and asked few questions regarding the theme ,clicked photographs with little ones, and appreciated all the children for their enthusiastic participation. We wish and pray that the colours they have learnt add beauty to their life throughout.

Ms. Lynette Pereira

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