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Healthy Living- Health session for Staff

‘Good Health and Good Sense are two of life’s greatest blessings’

To combat illness and overcome the efforts of stress amongst the staff a session on ‘Healthy Living’ was arranged for the teachers on 24-1-2022. The resource person of the session was Dr Sachin Nadka MD Chief Ayurveda Consultant. He has received Ayurveda Sevak award for his immense contribution in the field of Ayurveda. The session began with a warm welcome. The Principal Rev Fr Robert DSouza honoured the guest with the bouquetand a shawl.

The resource person began the session with a saying that ‘Every human being is the author of his own health or disease’. He spoke on three main factors which affects a person’s health i.e. Physical health,mental health and Social well being. He mentioned that social behaviour with the society which includes being happy with each other  like family, colleagues ,friends and  society plays a very important role in keeping oneself healthy.

The mind and body are not separate, what affects one affects the other. He stressed on being happy always and having a balanced relationships with positivity all around in order to remain healthy.

He said you are what you eat. Good food gives a good impact on the body. Eating good food means having a balanced diet by knowing the metabolic rate, calories and fibre needed for one’s body. As different body needs different amount of calories and metabolism so eat how much is needed and not excess.

Instead of depending on other supplementary foods like tablets of vitamins, minerals or calcium. We should learn to increase the intake of different food items that would provide the required nutrients for the body.

He mentioned certain qualities to be cultivated within ourselves to improve our health such as

  • Doing regular exercises.
  • Having a healthy morning breakfast.
  • Eating food on time – three times a day.
  • Knowing how to eat and how much to eat avoid eating continuously
  • Eating the required quantity with quality.
  • Being happy always.
  • Rest properly as only rest can restore the energy needed for the body.
  • Drinking enough amount of water.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet regularly.

The session was kept open to discuss different queries and doubts which was clarified by the resource person. Over all the session was very informative and interactive. The session emphasized that happiness is the highest form of health, we need to take care of and not let illness make us realize the value of health. Ms Deepika Proposed the Vote of Thanks.