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LCS Health Week 2022

“Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone.”

With this message kindergarten children celebrated LCS Health Week 2022.Throughout the week children actively participated in various activities conducted by the school, such as breathing exercises, yoga, planting medicinal plants, salt water gargling, enjoying family time etc .They were made aware of the importance of healthy food, importance of milk and healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Action song on eat good feel good was shown to them for better understanding. The students of class KG2 actively took part in elocution activity under the theme “Healthy Me”. It was a feast to the eyes to see little angels showing so much interest and doing all the activities with the help of their parents.

The finale of the health week was held on 29.06.2022, with the theme “Healthy Children – Happy Children.”The chief guest for the day was Ms. VerinaKunder, a psychologist by profession. The programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song. Little children of KG1 and KG2 sang action songs on healthy tiffin, exercise and healthy habits.Meaningful skit on “Healthy habits” was enacted by the students of class KG2.

The Chief Guest congratulated the parents for co-operating with the school, and for showing keen interest in their Child’s health and hygiene. She urged the parents not to overfeed their children, instead to give them how much they need for a day, so that they remain active and healthy. She also asked the parents to believe in themselves and not compare them with others.

Principal Fr. Robert D’Souza thanked the parents for their presence and spoke about the culture of LCS. He congratulated the little children for putting up such a meaningful programme with a clear message.

Later the prize winners of elocution activity were felicitated with certificates. Overall we got a great response and a positive feedback from the students and parents of the Kindergarten Section. The programme concluded with Vote of thanks.