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Lourdes Central School Re opens the Primary School

School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacations over, school is here. Says Winifred C Marshal

As per the government directions Class 1 to 5 were reopened at Lourdes Central School with festivity and joy following the covid protocol in every single way.

The school organized a grand welcome assembly with colourful flags decorations etc. Teachers cheerfully welcomed the little Lourdites into the portals of Lourdes Central School with singing, dancing and enactment of a skit which made the children understand the covid protocols in an easy manner.

 There was excitement in the air as students were back after 1and half years.

The Manager Rev Dr John Baptist Saldanha, the Principal Rev Fr Robert Dsouza,Vice Principal Ms Belita Mascarenhas and Fr Anush S J were present for the assembly.

Fr Manager welcomed the new comers and appreciated the students for being present and promised that they are in the safe hands.

Fr Principal appreciated the students for coming to school in such large number and thanked the parents who cooperated during the online classes and contributed towards the smooth progress of the school.

It was a humbling experience to know that none of the children wanted to go back or stay at home.Over all it was evident that children are meant to grow and bloom in school and not at home.

We at Lourdes are happy and thank God for the schoolhas come back to its former shape.