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Motivational Talk for Class 5

Date: 10.03.2022     Time:8:30 am to 9:15 a.m

Spiderman, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron man, Tom and Jerry, Avengers and other superheroes and cartoon characters appeared on the screen of LCS AV room, with lot of motivation and values, to inspire the Lourdites of Class 5 on 10.03.2022 at 8:30 am. This ambience  was created by the Resource Person Ms. Ananya Singh, who is currently pursuing her MSc Counselling from Roshni Nilaya, School of Social Work as a part of her talk “Enhancing, Motivation and Discipline Among the Students” at Lourdes Central School.

The practical SWOT analysis helped the students to find their strengths and opportunities and overcome their weakness and threats. This session made the students realize that motivation is the force which drives us for a better life, we can clarify the misunderstanding through proper communication to the parents and teachers and last but not the least  “We are the super heroes of our lives”. Her attractive slides, smooth conversation and appropriate messages helped the students to get motivated and strive for the best.

The programme  was compered by Aaryan Adyanthaya. Tamanna Prabhu welcomed and introduced the guest. Adhya Shetty proposed vote of thanks. A big thank you to the principal Rev. Fr. Robert Dosuza, for organizing this unique session for the benefits of the students.