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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session – Class VI -16.06.2021

‘Parental involvement in education through parent–teacher interactions can be a cost-effective tool to enhance student achievement ’

A parent Teacher Interactive session for class VI A,B,C,D was held on virtually on 16th June 2021.A large number of parents (160) attended the meeting. The meetings were in two sessions classes A and B from 4 to 4.40pm and classes C and D from 4.45 to 5.25pm. Principal, Vice Principal and all the subject teachers were present for both the sessions.

The Parents, the Principal, Vice Principal, teachers were welcomed to the gathering. The prayer song was played and led everyone in a prayerful mood.

Ms Gretta, Exam cell coordinator exhibited and briefed a presentation regarding the norms,rules and regulations for the online classes, clear information about scholastic and co-scholastic assessment.

Ms Annie Lobo the school counsellor presented  a  value based talk on how to handle the children with care.She further told the parents to bring up their children with values like honesty,humility, kindness and love rather than pamper,humiliate or show anger on them.

Parents were given time for their queries and suggestions:

  • Decreasing the screen time for students,for which the Principal replied that there are 20 minutes break between the classes and the students must get up from their screens and breathe some fresh air.
  • Logging in to the zoom classes only through zoom IDs,for this he replied it will be looked into.
  • Kannada notes to be uploaded in the Google classroom, for which he replied that it will be done
  • Queries about collection of books,he answered they could collect the books after the lockdown is over.
  • He stressed that they must join only one official whatsapp group created by the respective class teachers of LCS for communication. Creating any other whatsapp group by parents will not be entertained.
  • He told the parents to encourage their wards to take part in the activities during online classes since we follow activity based learning.

Many parents appreciated all the teachers’ hard work during the online classes.