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Poetry Recitation  2022

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.

To inculcate the love of poetry and appreciate harmonious recitation by the entire class Poetry Recitation was organised for the students of the Primary section from Classes 1 to 3 on 10.3.2022 on the topic Festivals, Peace and Nature.

The programme began by invoking God’s blessing. The Principal Rev Fr Robert D Souza, Vice Principal Ms Belita Mascarenhas and Rev Fr Anush S J. were present for the occasion. Students of the class II welcomed the gathering.

Class III began the  poetry recitation 3 with the theme  ‘Peace’ , followed by class II with the theme ‘Nature’ and then concluded by class I with the  ‘Festivals’.

It was a beautiful sight to see the little Lourdites present the poem with accuracy and perfection. Each class presented their poem with a wide range of props, enactment and spreading the message of love through peace, care for mother nature and respect each other’s religion.

The Principal Rev Fr Robert D Souza appreciated the efforts put by the students and the teachers for the wonderful presentation and encouraged students to involve in such activities. He also stressed that Lourdes Central School is known for education with a difference and believes in teaching values through actions.