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Staff Enrichment Sessions 2023

Lourdes Central School has a unique way to keep teachers refreshed and infused with latest methodology of teaching learning process.  An intensive workshop was held “by the teachers, for the teacher” from 12th April to 20th April to enhance their teaching at school. Each teaching staff at LCS is a storehouse of knowledge and each of them are ready to impart and contribute to the growth of others. The week long session touched multiple areas of teaching and enhancement of learning.  The sessions were as follows:

Art integration in Kannada, Hindi, Math, English, Music and Art were taken by Ms Noeleen, Ms Seema, Ms Padmashree, Ms Dilla Colaco, Mr Roshan Corderio and Mr Thyagaraj.  They set a clear picture of various ways in which Art can be integrated in each subject minute and rare aspects were shown through videos, craft work, drawing, singing, dancing and performances of various Art forms.

The topic ‘Joyful Maths’ was highly interesting as the teacher Ms Asha Shet gave overall presentations on various techniques to make Math enjoyable to students and reinforce math learning.

The session on “Anger Free classroom” by Ms Nandini was appreciated by all the staff as they themselves learnt the benefits of “Anger Free Teaching” in classroom.

The session on “Importance of discipline” given by Ms Vivita D Souza encouraged and motivated teachers to always be disciplined in all their day to day activities.  It instilled each teacher with the value of time management, self-esteem, self-discipline and above all to respect human dignity.

The session on “Effective Communication” by Ms Diana Dsilva awakened in the staff the values of effective communication with students, parents and colleagues.  The video on “Barriers of Communication” was very effective and the staff was truly enriched with it.

The session on “Benefits of reading” by Ms Lavina Castelino and the session on “Use of Articles “by Ms Lavina Serrao enhanced the language skills of teacher.  It helped them to incorporate various aspects of the English language wherein, it made the teacher fluent in speaking and reading English.

The session on “Benefits of Music” by Mr Ivan Mascarenhas enlightened the staff on aspects of Music where several benefits could be gathered from listening to music.

The session on ‘Daily First Aid” by Ms Jasmine, helped the teachers to implement different methods of first aid to students in the classroom, school, home and whenever needed.

The session on importance of Gratitude given by Ms Chandini Chitraveer was heart touching as all the staff was made aware of the goodness of being grateful.

All the sessions were truly beneficial and advantageous, empowering the staff with knowledge and techniques to help in their daily teaching. The staff felt exhilarated and elated after the seminar.  We are thankful to Rev Fr Robert D Souza, the Principal for giving an opportunity for the staff to enrich themselves through these sessions.