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World Music Day 2024

Lourdes Central School celebrated World Music Day with enthusiasm and musical fervor. The day began with a special morning assembly conducted by the choir students. Their harmonious and uplifting performances set a joyous tone for the celebration, demonstrating their musical prowess and dedication.

 Inauguration of “Staccato” Music Book

A significant highlight of the day was the inauguration of the new music book, “Staccato.” Written by the dedicated music teacher, Roshan V. Cordeiro, the book was officially launched by the Principal, Rev. Fr. Johnson L. Sequira. During the ceremony, the principal extended his wishes to all music lovers, celebrating the universal language of music. He expressed his appreciation for the music teachers, Sir Ivan and Sir Roshan, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the school’s music program.

Orchestral Performance

As a special mark of the celebration, students of Lourdes Central School presented a remarkable orchestral piece, showcasing their diverse musical talents. The performance featured:

Sitar: Aishwarya delivered a captivating performance, blending traditional Indian music with modern influences.

Saxophone: Jayden Baptist enchanted the audience with his soulful saxophone melodies, adding depth and emotion to the piece.

Keyboard: Maqueen provided a versatile and dynamic performance on the keyboard, creating a rich harmonic backdrop.

Cajon: Evanna’s skilled play on the cajon added a lively percussive rhythm, enhancing the overall musical experience.

Guitar: Hyden’s proficient guitar playing offered melodic and chordal support, completing the ensemble’s sound.

The World Music Day celebration at Lourdes Central School was a memorable event, highlighting the importance of music in education and community. The day’s activities, from the choir’s morning assembly performance to the launch of “Staccato” and the students’ orchestral piece, reflected the school’s commitment to nurturing musical talent and appreciation. The event not only celebrated music but also brought the school community together; reinforcing the joy and unity that music brings to all.