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World Ocean Day 2024-25

Theme: Catalyzing Action for our Ocean and Climate

Lourdes Central School celebrated World Ocean Day on 08.06.2024 with the aim of sensitizing students to perishing marine life and creating awareness about marine conservation.

The day began with the morning assembly by the Non-Teaching staff highlighting the significance of saving our oceans.

 An activity was conducted for Classes 1 to V where the students watched two videos along with their Class Teachers.

The first video highlighted the damages caused to the ocean and marine life by human activity and plastics, which was followed by a healthy discussion.

The students expressed their shock and grief after watching the video. They came up with inspiring stories and remedies to protect the ocean and marine life.

Later the students watched another video which explained the methods of conserving the oceans and highlighted the three R’s Reduce Reuse and Recycle.

The two videos carried an inspiring message which made the activity a worthy one.

Students also developed a sense of gratitude to the environment and pledged to reduce the usage of plastic, in turn protecting the sea animals.